Fatih: Sultan Of Conquests


Year of production: 2024

Number of episodes: Expected to be 50 episodes, 45 minutes

Short synopsis: Şehzade Mehmet first suppresses the rebellion of Şehzade Orhan, who had taken refuge with the Byzantines, and ascends to the throne upon the death of his father Sultan Murad II. Having established order in a short time, the most important goal for Sultan Mehmed II is the conquest of Istanbul.In the drama which sheds light on the life of Fatih Sultan Mehmed, one of the most important rulers of Ottoman history, the significant stages of the life of Eyüp al Ansari, a prominent figure in the Islamic world, are also covered with a story that runs parallel to Fatih’s life.


URAS ISIK   isik.uras@trt.net.tr   +905055323493

www.trtsales.com /  https://vimeo.com/user21493967

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