Saladın The Conqueror Of Jerusalem


Year of production: 2024

Number of episodes: Expected to be 100 episodes, 45 minutes

Short synopsis : In the 12th century, Nureddin Zengi emerges as a beacon of hope for Muslims, vowing to unite the Islamic world and reclaim Jerusalem from Crusader rule. After losing his own son, fate intertwines with the birth of Yusuf, whom he names Selahaddin, envisioning him as the heir to his cause. Raised in secrecy, Selahaddin faces not only external adversaries but internal conflicts within his own family, the Eyyubi. Jerusalem becomes the pivotal point in his challenging journey, holding the key to his ambitions. Amid ideological clashes, love dilemmas, and relentless enemies, Selahaddin persists in his quest, gradually uncovering the biggest secret that shapes his destiny.


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