Longing for You


60’ x 14eps

Genre : Crime, Investigation, Thriller

Short Description : Ujin, where is a naturally blessed town boasting the blue sea and the Geumgang pine forest. Jin-sang is a detective known for being cheerful in crime-free Ujin, and his younger brother Jin-woo is a chef at the port market with a look that could come out of a fairy tale. In Seoul, two cases of brutal murder occur. A third murder case occurs in Ujin, and Jin-sang’s younger brother, Jin-woo, is pointed out as the prime suspect. Thanks to Jin-sang’s performance, Jin-wu is released and the real culprit is revealed. In addition to the promotion, Jin-sang is given preferential treatment at the Gangnam Police Station. But on a rainy night in Ujin, someone attacks Jin-woo and Jin-woo is judged brain dead. Jin-woo’s organs, which had registered his wishes for organ donation during his lifetime, are donated, and his remains are scattered in the Geumgang Pine Forest. A year after Jin-woo’s death, the investigation team receives a video message containing the scene of the murder a year ago. While Jin-sang thinks that Jin-woo’s death and the serial murder case are not unrelated. The boundary between the truth and the macro, the race of cheating and cheating betrayal begins!

Contact information:

Max GB Nam

email : max.nam@kt.com


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