60’ x 10eps

Genre: Noir, Action, Crime, Thriller

Short Description: Han Dong-soo, a livelihood lawyer who gets a case by recklessly asking for a visit from an inmate who is not familiar with the situation. He receives a dubious offer from gangster Gu Dong-man, who was once a promising baseball prospect, to follow a woman. A single derailment that he thought was the first and last. Because of that choice, Dong-soo is cornered and caught in a trap set by a gangster, Dong-man, and becomes the designer of an internet gambling site. Dong-soo, a lawyer who was despised and treated coldly as the lowest class in the legal profession, He discovers his unexpected talent in the world of crime and begins to awaken to his hidden desires. And colluding with Dong-man, they continue their dangerous and strange friendship.

Contact information:

Max GB Nam

email : max.nam@kt.com


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