Hidden Earth


Genre : Documentary, Geology (50’X5eps)

Ep.1 Cosmos on Seashore

Ep.2 From the Equator

Ep.3 Follow Dinosaur’s Trail

Ep.4 Witness of the Fire Era

Ep.5 Birth of Seoul

‘Rock’ is the key that holds the secret of the earth. <Hidden Earth – 3-billion-year History of the Korean Peninsula> explores the networks of organisms we face today and reads into the time capsule of extinction and climate change contained in the Korean Peninsula’s strata. Rocks are the foundation of all life and human civilization, and the Korean Peninsula is a ‘geological museum’ that has geological features of all ages from the Archean era to the Cenozoic era. From the Archaic era to the Cenozoic era, the drama of three billion years unfolds. Through 8K filming for the first time in the history of Korean broadcasting, the texture of the rocks and the three-dimensional vast landscapes are shown more clearly. Experience the dynamics of the Korean Peninsula’s geology in a more immersive way.

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+82 2 6939 8136

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