Beauty and Mr. Romantic


Genre : TV Series, Drama (70’X50eps)

Do-ra, a top-tier actress, runs into her first love, Dae-choong, who works as an assistant director, on a film set. Dae-choong reciprocates her feelings, and they begin dating. However, before long, Do-ra’s world crumbles due to her mother’s gambling debts, forcing her to marry another man for financial stability. Moreover, scandalous news articles about Do-ra’s past spread all over the Internet. Overwhelmed by everything, Do-ra ends her life by herself.

Dae-choong immerses himself in work to dismiss the grief. After a year, he takes over a project as the main director. Here he encounters Ji-young, a young staff member who reminds him of Do-ra.

Contact information:

+82 2 6939 8136

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