The Two Sisters


Genre : TV Series, Drama (40’X100eps)

Hye-won is living a seemingly perfect life with her husband Ji-cheol and mother-in-law Su-hyang. However, as Su-hyang faces an unfair divorce due to her husband’s mistress, Do-eun, Hye-won steps in to help her.

Do-eun discovers that Hye-won is her long-lost sister. In the past, they were separated after their parents’ divorce. Initially, Do-eun went with her father, but later Hye-won persuaded her to go with her mother instead. That’s when her misery began.

Seeing Hye-won as the one who brought her to hell, Do-eun gradually ruins her life, taking everything away from her, including Su-hyang, Ji-chang, and even her baby.

Contact information:

+82 2 6939 8136

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