Queen Of May


GENRE: Drama
PRODUCER: Mint Motion Picture
DURATION: 30×45 Min
CAST: Yağmur Tanrısevsin , Burak Hakkı , Ahmet Olgun Sunear, Hatice Aslan , Kazım Akşar

Intelligence chief Sencer kills his close friend Önder, who is married and has a daughter, with a betrayer plan. No one knows that Sencer killed Önder. Sencer’s plans do not end up here. Sencer wants to marry Önder’s wife Asu. He thinks that his 1-year-old daughter Nehir must die in order for Asu to be completely attached to him.

According to Sencer’s plan, Asu, who lost her husband and daughter one after another, will fill her emotional void with Sencer and Sencer’s children. Sencer orders his housekeeper, Celil, to kill Nehir. Since Celil can’t resist Nehir, he gives her to his military friend as an adoption. Little Nehir is now the child of a poor family living in another city, who no longer have any blood ties. This is how the story of the Queen of the May begins…

Contact: irina@rayagroup.tv

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