Blind Love


GENRE: Romance, Love

PRODUCER: Şeddadi Yapım


CAST: İsmail Hacıoğlu, Ebru Şahin, Burcu Kara, Ruhi Sarı

Blind love is an impressive and extraordinary love story of Menekşe and Yusuf, under the shadow of the coup of 1980.

Disabled at birth, Yusuf’s sole ambition in life is to sell bagels at the entrance to the university campus to bring home to his mother their daily bread. Although Yusuf has nothing to do with politics, he too gets his share from the chaotic martial atmosphere that rages around him.

After a series of unfortunate events, the young man wakes up at a mental hospital. Here, Yusuf meets Menekşe, who has been living there for some time, battling the inner demons from her past. As the two undergo their treatment in the same hospital, they also grow affectionate toward each other. While this love causes their destinies to cross paths, Menekşe is also harassed daily by Müfit, the bully caregiver of the hospital.
Eventually, the hardships the two youths endure along with the love that flourishes between them lead the two to their respective rebirths.


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