Brave Heart


GENRE: Drama, Action
DURATION: 71×45 Min
CAST: Onur Tuna, Huseyin Avni Danyal, Ruveyda Oksuz, Saydam Yeniay, Hakan Yufkacıgil

Ömer lives with his family in one of the fishing villages of Istanbul. He returns from military service and finds his friends and neighbors are in a strand and extraordinary situation. They are all forced to work in illegal businesses by some underground lords.
Seeing that his family and friends have lost their possessions and reputation, Ömer opposes this situation and declares war on the mafia. Ömer is not alone on his path. Returning to the neighborhood after years, young and principled lawyer Berrin will be his most important supporter in this war. The relationship between these two companions turns into love after a while. Ömer encounters many obstacles in his struggle with underground organizations and his love story with Berrin.
At some point, Ömer, who has nothing to trust but his heart and wrist, will have to choose between being a hero who will sacrifice himself for his country or fame and money.


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