Duration: 40 eps * 45 min

Genre: Drama,Romance

Broadcast Date:TBD

Broadcast Platform:  Tencent

Director:  CHEN Jialin,LI Cai

ZHAO Lusi as A’Yin、FENG Yin

WANG Anyu as GU Jin、YUAN Qi

Telling the story of the divine power was sealed the son of the true God Gu Jin and the inspirational new generation of phoenix emperor Feng Yin because of an accident to meet, from then on the road to find Feng Yin immortal yuan, and since then in the water condensation beast A’Yin, demon fox Hong yi, the eagle princess Yan Shuang the companion these small friends, all the way to collect the Feng Yin immortal yuan, through the many obstacles, repeatedly thwarted the villain Qing Lin and his subordinates of the obstacles to help the Feng Yin nirvana return to the harvest of love and friendship, affection, maintain peace in the world and bear the righteousness of the living world. The story is an inspirational tale of maintaining peace in the world and assuming the righteousness of the people.


Shen Juan

Zhang Fan

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