Her Islands


Duration: 40 eps * 40 min

Genre: Family,Romance

Broadcast Date:TBD

Broadcast Platform: Tencent

Director: LIN Yan


XU Fan as MENG Mingwei

MA Sichun as LI Yijin

LIANG Jing as MENG Wanqing

LI Xiaoran as MENG Yian

Qiao Haiyun, the thunderous head of the family, has set a rule that everyone must go home for New Year’s Eve, and no one has ever broken the rule until Li Yi Jin, the most honest of the third generation, suddenly breaks the tradition and goes to her boyfriend’s house for New Year’s Eve, triggering a conflict in the family. Qiao Haiyun has three daughters, the eldest Meng Mingwei is not biological, because of the limp inferiority complex, so hope that their daughters become phoenix, and daughter Li Yi Jin relationship is very tense, but eventually they understand each other’s pain, and finally understand that to maintain a proper distance is to maintain the relationship between mother and daughter of the recipe; the second Meng Ivana Qing and the daughter of the school bully Tao Shuna can be described as the perfect mother and daughter, but the two do not say anything but inadvertently found out each other’s secrets, the process of getting to know each other is to know yourself again, they finally know themselves! But they inadvertently discover each other’s secrets, and in the process of getting to know each other, they also get to know themselves again, and they eventually realise that a perfect mother-daughter relationship is not about covering up shortcomings, but about supporting each other. The third generation, Meng Yi’an, is the most like Qiao Haiyun, a strong and independent woman, who doesn’t want to turn into the strong woman that her mother was, but coincidentally, is walking on the same road as her mother. The three generations of the Meng family are like an archipelago of women who are far apart, but support each other and live together.


Shen Juan shenjuan@huashi.tv

Zhang Fan zhangfan@huashi.tv

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