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Genre: Modern, Family

Xu Hongdou’s life and work were at a low point due to the death of her best friend, and she went to Dali alone for a break at “Wind Yard”. She met Xie Zhiyao, a local who had left his high-paying job to start his own business, and a group of peers from the big city. During their daily life together, Xie Zhiyao felt Xu Hongdou’s kindness and sincerity. She used her experiences in the hotel industry to contribute to local cultural tourism. The two of them developed feelings for each other and eventually came together. In Dali, Xu Hongdou and the other young people from the big city were touched by the locals’ hard work, resilience, and bittersweet lives. They take a fresh look at the past, help each other, enlighten each other, organize themselves in a hideaway and gain the strength to start again.



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