As Beautiful as You


Genre: Modern, Workplace, Romance

Ji Xing, a technical talent resigned in order to realize her dream and embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. The team formed by Ji Xing and her younger brother was in jeopardy at the beginning. When there was no hope, Ji Xing won supports from Han Ting, President of Dongyang Technology. With Han Ting’s investment, the startup is finally on the right track. The difficulties of starting a business and the pain of breaking up with her love almost destroyed her. After several failures in product development, Ji Xing and Han Ting gradually transformed from business partners to soulmates. However, the rapidly developing Xingchen soon encountered a bottleneck in development. Ji Xing once again fell into a slump in her career. At the same time, her love for Han Ting also began to be full of crisis. In the end, with the encouragement of her friends, Ji Xing regained her confidence and led the company out of the predicament under heavy pressure.



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