Secrets Of The Grapevine


In the new season, Anja’s wedding turns tragic when she drinks poisoned wine, plunging into a coma. The Tomovic and Smiljanic families scramble to unravel the mystery. Flashing back a year, we meet potential suspects: Ines, the rival oenologist; her son Matej, Anja’s groom; Josip, Ines’s ex-husband; Sloba Grbic, a rival businessman; and Bogdana, a mysterious refugee. Tensions escalate, leading to explosive conflicts as secrets unravel, culminating in a thrilling resolution.

Genre : Romance      

Run time: 3 seasons, 36X50’

Producer: Telekom Srbija

Available as: Finished episodes & Format


Ofelya Tovmasyan
Tel: +374 77 225512

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