In “RATS,” David’s reckless dealings entangle him with the drug trade and the DEA. With his innocent-seeming partner Rene, they face the dangerous Czech/Vietnamese meth syndicate. Forced to betray Rene to rogue cop Blažek, David teams up with Blažek’s partner, Petra, while mafia and police pursue him. As chaos ensues, the line between order and anarchy blurs. Based on true events, “RATS” is a gripping collaboration with the Czech DEA.

Genre : Drama

Run time: 6X55’

Producer: Heaven’s Gate, Barletta Productions, Česká televize, MD4

Available as: Finished episodes & Format

Licensed in Australia, Latvia, Slovenia, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania Bulgaria & Macedonia.


Ofelya Tovmasyan
Tel: +374 77 225512

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