Genre: detective

Duration: 36х48’

A trauma surgeon at a city hospital discovers his talent as an amateur detective. With the help of the police and fellow medical workers Owl will solve any crime – because due to an accident he lost the need for sleep and therefore all 24 hours of the day are available to him. In his work, both in basic medical and optional as a detective, Owl is helped by his colleagues in the department, and by his involuntary partners – the police officers. Olga Zakharova, a nurse who is always concerned about everything. Volodya Chernykh, an intern who admires and fears Filin in equal measure. Roman Kozin, an operative and Zakharova’s ex-husband, who for some reason has convinced himself that Zakharova left him because of Owl. Ekaterina Gromova is a novice detective and former district police officer who was transferred to the criminal investigation department after accidentally becoming a YouTube star while apprehending a villain.

Valeria Zaitseva
Content Sales Manager


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