The Librarian


Genre: action, fantasy

Duration: 8х50’

Urban fantasy with Nikita Efremov based on the bestseller by Mikhail Elizarov. “The Librarian” became a bestseller not only in Russia, but also in France, Italy, UK, Japan, China and Serbia. Actor-loser Alexei Vyazintsev learns that his father was killed under mysterious circumstances. Alexei travels to Shironino, his father’s hometown, to sell his apartment, but instead gets into troubles. Locals believe that the books of the long-forgotten writer Gromov have magical properties. Each of these books gives a specific effect: Rage, Patience, Power, Joy, Strength, Memory. The secret world of Gromov’s book readers is divided into Libraries that hunt for books all over the country and are ready to kill competitors for their strength. Vyazintsev will become a part of one of the Libraries, reveal the secrets of his own family and go in search of the rarest of magical books – the Book of Meaning.

Valeria Zaitseva
Content Sales Manager

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