Jungle Box


Genre: Nonverbal, slapstick, comedy

Welcome to a jungle made of boxes! Menageries of unique animals lives together peacefully, each sporting their own unique characteristics.

Among them, there is one especially boisterous and unique animal: the human being, Owgli.

One day…

A wooden box falls from the sky right at the center of the jungle. All the animals gather around the strange box out of curiosity.

It may have fallen from a cargo plane passing. At any rate.. There are goods from the modern world inside the box.. But how to use such things?

The jungle falls into a mishmash and grows chaotic due to the mysterious boxes and the goods they contain.

They try to chew them, wear them on their heads and ride on them…leading to a mess of confusion.

Contact Information:

+82 2 2038 2831


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