Genre: romance, comedy, adult

Overcoming the limitations of the animation market, which is limited to infants and teenagers, we look into relationships between men and women in their late teens and early 30s.

Is there a subject that is as difficult to distinguish genres as love?

Melo, comedy, fantasy, difficulty, jealousy, revenge, horror, action, drama, and twist are among the relationships that pass by us. Now we are going to be more honest and talk about relationships these days. We would like to show you a clear love story about how dating sometimes hurts me and makes you and me pathetic, away from the mirage of romance on TV.

‘Gotchu Catchu’ has adopted a method that can be somewhat challenging in animation. It talks about a happening in daily life that unfolds quickly from the perspective of one main character.

Through the eyes of all three main characters of different personalities, various daily lives and connections will be captured, which will lead to a wide audience’s empathy and understanding.

Contact Information:

+82 2 2038 2831

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