Cyrillica is the industry’s leading localisation company which is trusted by many major local and international content producers, game developers, distributors and streaming platforms.

Cyrillica LLC provides a broad variety of content localisation services in 30+ languages:

  • Voice-over (dubbing, “re-dub”, “re-cast”, UN-style VO);
  • Subtitles, SDH;
  • Audio commentary;
  • Cultural content adaptation for a specific region;
  • Tech and post-production services;
  • Datasets creation;
  • AI voice-over;
  • Content storage, transfer.

Cyrillica has 15 years of experience localising content and providing technical services in multiple languages which makes us a Multi-Language Vendor (MLV). We are confident to say that we can showcase unique expertise working with your content and offer the full list of post-production and localisation services.

Our multicultural team consists of some of the most talented professionals in the industry. Our facilities are equipped with high end equipment and support all the latest technologies. 

Global presence, decade-strong expertise in the industry and strict quality control allows us to offer our customers unique solutions that will allow them to share their content with audiences around the world.


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