The impact of audio-visual translations on the viewing experience


Dear participants at the WorldContentMarket fair!

As part of the conference schedule, we are delighted to invite you to a presentation on “The impact of audio-visual translations on the viewing experience”, which will be given by Valery Dovbnia, CEO of “Cyrillica” studio. 

Valery Dovbnia is one of the leading experts in the field of audio-visual translation. His studio “Cyrillica” localizes content for the largest platforms in Russia and all over the world, including names such as Netflix, Discovery, Sony, IVI, CTC, and the “Saturday” TV channel. 

In his presentation, Valery Dovbnia will share the results of a study conducted by “Cyrillica” studio in collaboration with EGA and Whip Media. The study involved the participation of 15,000 respondents from France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, who evaluated various types of audio-visual translations and their impact on content viewing.

You will learn how translations influence audience retention and repeat viewing of content, which factors are important in ensuring a good-quality translation, and how a translation can raise the value of your content on the international market. 

The material will be useful to content distributors and producers wishing to maximally adapt their products to the demands and expectations of foreign audiences.

The presentation will take place on May 30th at 16 MSK in the “InfoSpace” conference hall, where the WorldContentMarket fair will be held. We look forward to seeing you at the presentation by Valery Dovbnia and hope it will be a fascinating and useful experience for you!





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