The challenge of Leah


Genre: Biblical Serie

The elder daughter of Laban, the sister of Rachel, the first wife of Jacob. Mother of Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, and Dinah. Leah is a shy, tender-eyed girl. At the age of eight, after the death of her mother in the birth of Rachel, she is forced to take responsibility for the care of the newborn sister, having to mature abruptly.

With an insensitive father and a not very nice stepmother, she only counts on the friendship of the servant Zilpah, also a girl of eight years. Leah is not especially beautiful and suffers from the disdain of her stepbrothers and stepmother. With low self-esteem, she devotes herself to the art of cooking and becomes an excellent cook! When meeting the newcomer Jacob, Leah falls in love, but, unfortunately, he prefers her younger sister: the beautiful and futile Rachel. On account of a frame from her father, with the consent of her sister, Leah is coerced to marry Jacob instead of Rachel. When realizing that he was deceived, Jacob revolts and begins to despise Leah. She continues as his wife, but he also marries Rachel, for whom he is in love. Leah strives to be a good wife, but even after giving her several children, she is still despised by Jacob. She suffers from rejection and desperately seeks the love of her husband, but when she realizes that she is devaluing, Leah decides to give a turn in her life!

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