The Light Line


Drama, 12 x 1 TVh

Varya, an 18 year-old, lives with her parents in a closed religious community. Since the very childhood all they have been teaching her is working hard, believing sincerely, say prayers, and obey the will of the community’s leader – His Holiness. This is her whom he wants to make his fourth wife. But neither violence, nor bullying by His Holiness’ “elder” wives cannot break her morale. She escapes hoping to get the law after His Holiness in the greater world, though she knows nothing about life beyond the community. His Holiness gets his handy men to find the girl, for she is the living witness of his wrong-doings, moreover, he is deeply in love with her. Street law is violent and merciless to strangers, but life at the bottom of the heap transforms Varya from a weak and intimidated little girl into a strong, willful young woman. She is always one step ahead of her chasers, but is it enough to get her revenge on His Holiness, and withdraw her little sister from the community?

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