Have Fun s2


12 EPs x 90 mins

Trailblazers ofoffbeat reality entertainmentmentWinningaudiences in 50+ countriesOver 18 millions views on YouTubeA hit with the 18-33 crowd

“‘Have Fun 2” is an intriguing exploration reality show launched by Zhejiang TVand produced by the Xingtu studio of Zhejiang TV Program Center. lt features 5popular artists as the specialenvoys ofthe show. Thespecialenvoys embark on anew journey, where they will put their imaginative ideas into practice,integratingscience into daily life, and acquiring knowledge through joy and laughter. Theshow aims to show the wonderfulness ofexploration, bravery, curiosity, and ro-mance inherent in human nature.

Contact: infor@yoywow.com

Phone: (0086755) 86522275

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