Guardians Of The Dafeng


Genre:Comedy, Costume, Detective, Fantasy


Cast: Dylan Wang, Tian Xiwei, Liu Yijun, Yan Zidong

Yang Ling has determined to become a people‘s policeman since he was a child. He re-examined the exam for three years but failed every time. In order to make a living, he became a salesperson. In a traffic accident, he stepped forward to save a little girl. Unfortunately, he was hit by a car and his life or death was uncertain. When he woke up again, he accidentally traveled to the Dafeng Dynasty and became a county police officer-Xu Qian. Yang Ling finally fulfilled his dream of being a police officer and planned to live her life again as Xu Qian, but he was in hell mode from the beginning. Because the second uncle of Dafeng World, Xu Pingzhi, was framed for stealing tax money, the entire Xu family became prisoners. In order to survive, Xu Qi’an used the contents of the criminal investigation books he had read in this world, combined with his middle school mathematics, physics and chemistry knowledge, to easily uncover the truth about the tax bank case and save his whole family…

In the world of Dafeng where there are demons and magic, Xu Qi’an is just a nobody. His daily wish is just to keep his family safe. During a mission of house searching, the boss Yinluo wanted to rape the female family members of the guilty minister. Although Xu Qian knew that the following offenders would be sentenced to death, he still drew his sword to stop him for the sake of justice in his heart. He has no regrets, after all, there is always something higher than life. Wei Yuan, the chief of the Guardians, asked Xu Qian to thoroughly investigate the Sangbo Lake explosion case. Xu Qi’an finally lived up to his expectations, found out the mastermind behind the case, eliminated the cancer in the court, and restored peace to the people. Xu Qi’an didn’t know that there were other forces behind the explosion of Sangbo Lake, and the Sangbo Lake sealed object also entered Xu Qi’an’s body. Xu Qi’an felt like he was a chess piece, and he was determined to become a chess player.


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