Go Go Dino Season 9


Genre: Edutainment, Dinosaurs, Adventures;

Length: 26 epis*14mins

Go Go Dino Season 9, to help kids know more about dinosaurs, the Dinosaur Museum has been upgraded with various dinosaur fossils and skeletons. It is also equipped with a new lab, a vivid miniature of the Ururu Planet and a dinosaur card machine, which stores a large amount of dinosaur information. Excitedly with the help of new members, three kids Andy, Joy, and Lucas follow Go Go Dinos to the Ururu Planet and get to explore mysterious dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures in person.

Contact: Lily Li – Director of Business Development

Tel/WeChat: +86 18682196010

WhatsApp: +60-11-1182 2991

Email: lily@gzlotta.com

Website: http://en.gzlotta.com/

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