Love And Pride


Year of production: 2024

Number of Episodes: TBA

Short Synopsis: The Köksoylars live in an ancestral mansion as a wealthy and rooted family. With three daughters, the family is sinking and on the verge of losing everything. In a state of great panic, they contemplate how to escape the impending disaster when Tolga enters their lives like a savior. He is the heir to a wealthy and established family. If one of the daughters marries him, life will continue as it used to, affluent and secure. The idea is considered forthe eldest daughter, Mercan, to marry him. However, Mercan rebels against this imposition, finding Tolga excessively arrogant and frivolous. Despite Tolga and Mercan being attracted to each other, Mercan’s high pride and Tolga’s spoiled attitude build thick walls between them. However, unlike Mercan, there is someone who desires him passionately- the middledaughter, Gül. Tolga shifts his focus from Mercan to Gül. As they drift towards marriage, Tolga’s heart remains with Mercan. Mercan, too, has fallen in love with him. The girls’ mother insists on a quick marriage because Tolga will rescue them from the financial crisis. However, Tolga is just as submerged as them and desires this marriage for his own salvation.

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Melissa Esra Şimşek
Sales Executive

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