Chandragupta Maurya


Period Drama / Costume Drama 

Format : 221 X 22’

Set in the era of 320 BC India, this is the historical saga of one of the greatest emperors of India, the founder of the Mauryan empire – Chandragupta Maurya.

With its roots in the ancient Indian kingdom of Magadh, the story traces the journey of Chandragupta – a boy who was born a prince, forced to become a slave and who went on to become the King of the greatest empire ever in the Indian subcontinent. 

An intriguing saga of a wise & tenacious teacher Chanakya and his stubborn disciple Chandragupta and their relationship which shaped Chandragupta’s destiny and ignited his love not only for his own mother but for his motherland – India.


Sonal Gupta
Head Syndication & Content Alliances
One life Studios
Phone number: +919820297329

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