In an unprecedented agreement, Globo sells ‘Brazil Avenue’ format for its first international adaptation to Ay Yapım


Globo’s best-selling telenovela will continue to win over audiences with a new version

After conquering more than 140 countries, ‘Brazil Avenue,’ João Emanuel Carneiro’s masterpiece, will have its first adaptation. The agreement between Globo and Ay Yapım, from Turkey, provides for the sale of the ‘Brazil Avenue’ format, in which the Turkish company can promote adaptations while maintaining the telenovela’s successful premises.

Ay Yapim is Turkey’s leading drama production company, responsible for the country’s most-watched telenovelas, such as ‘Fatmagul,’ ‘Forbidden Love!, ‘Endless Love,’ Black Money Love’ and ‘Family Secrets’ which have also had international repercussions. The new version will also have artistic consultancy from Globo Studios.

Madd Entertainment, the leading provider of Turkish content, will distribute the content worldwide.

“We are betting on selling formats to bring our productions to new audiences in different ways. And this agreement with Ay Yapım reflects that, showing the market that we are open to various business models. Seeing one of our most successful dramas produced in a new version will be fascinating. We believe in the potential of this adaptation, its success in Turkey and around the world, and that it will open doors for many to come”, says Angela Colla, head of International Business and Coproductions.

“We are already very excited to produce and create the first version of this great story. I am sure this will be the next hit that will travel the world one more time. I believe joining forces in this new journey will bring a lot more new opportunities in the future”, says Kerem Çatay, CEO of Ay Yapım.

“Madd already has a proven track of powerful titles that drive audiences to all screens. And now, with the Turkish adaptation of Avenida Brasil, we will have more to offer. It will bring much excitement to the market. Being part of such a big partnership between Globo and Ay Yapım is also a privilege for us”, says Ateş I· nce, Managing Director of Madd Entertainment.

João Emanuel Carneiro, ‘Brazil Avenue’ author and one of Latin America’s most celebrated drama creators, also cheered the agreement. “It’s delightful to know that ‘Brazil Avenue’ first adaptation will take place in a country that loves telenovelas and has risen as one of the most prolific producers and exporters of this genre in the world, just like my own country”.

A phenomenon of Brazilian television, ‘Brazil Avenue,’ was shown in 2012 in prime time on Globo. With characters that have become popular with the public, the telenovela has also stirred up social networks, still in their early stage of penetration in Brazil, and was one of the most talked about topics daily. Also an international success, the production is Globo’s best-selling product throughout history. ‘Brazil Avenue’ tells the saga of a young orphan, Nina (Débora Falabella), searching for justice. As a child, she lost everything after a coup planned and executed by Carminha (Adriana Esteves), her stepmother. After making a new life for herself years later, Nina is ready to return to her roots and face her enemy.

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Globo Communication
São Paulo, October 2023

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