MediaHub presents popular Philippines TV Series


MediaHub presents popular Philippines TV Series  

2 Good 2 Be True

Синопсис: «№1 on NETFLIX 26 weeks in a row»
Strangers to each other, a mechanic and a nurse were brought together by lies and deceit as they enter the world of a real estate magnate who is secretly battling an incurable disease.

Episode number: 70 by 45 minutes

Broken Marriage Vow


“Best Drama Adaptation- Content Asia Awards”

“Best Actress -Asian Academy Creative Awards”

A seemingly perfect home gets shattered by broken trust and infidelity, bringing forth catastrophic effects into the lives of the couple, their son, and everyone else involved.

Episodes: 45 by 45 minutes

Cattleya killer


The closed case of the long-dead Cattleya Killer gets resurrected when a corpse appears with the same markings as the ones done by the infamous criminal. Top NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) agent, Anton dela Rosa, gives his all to crack the mystery his father once solved. However, as he digs deeper into the case and more secrets are unveiled, Anton finds himself at the center of the investigation. How will he solve the case of the Cattleya Killer when all evidence now points to him as the suspect?

Episodes: 6 by 45 minutes

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