Queen of Divorce


Production Year: 2024

Eps. X Min.: 12 eps x 70 min

Genre: Legal, Comedy

With a big, bright smile like Julia Roberts, Sarah is often called “Sarahberts”. Sarah is the epitome of loyalty and justice. She excelled in life despite her humble background – she got into law school, graduated, and got herself a job at the top law firm. She surpassed all her silver spoon rivals and got married to Yul-sung, the son of the President of Law Firm. She worked hard, and it seemed like luck was always on her side. But then, things changed.

Sarah was betrayed, stabbed in the back, and went from lucky to extremely unlucky in an instant. Sarah was framed as the mastermind behind the “Foreign School Admission Fraud”. Thrown behind bars, Sarah found herself helpless while her world crumbled down. The only person in the world who understood Sarah, consoled her, and offered her full support… committed suicide. Sarah’s mother… was no longer by her side.

She could no longer suppress her anger and sorrow, and bitter tears flowed from her eyes. Once her tears dried up, Sarah’s heartbroken eyes suddenly flashed anger and determination. “It’s my dream to totally annihilate scum like my ex-husband. That worthless b*stard. That absolute son-of-a-b*tch!”

While Sarah is doing time in prison, a woman visits her. It’s Madam Son Jang-mi, the former wife of a big-time hospital director. When Sarah was an attorney at the law Firm, she had helped Madam Son receive 20 million dollars in compensation from her ex-husband who was a complete piece of trash. And now, Madam Son was here to help not only Sarah, but people who suffered at the hands of their partners. The two women join forces, and with Madam Son’s money and Sarah’s skills, they come up with the ultimate divorce solution – “Solutions”. It’s a solution that’ll teach all the bad husbands and bad wives out there a lesson they’ll never forget.

Contact Information:

+82 2 2031 8479



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