Hello Jadoo


Format :

Season 1 – 40 eps X 12min / Season 2 – 60 eps X 12min /

Season 3 – 26 eps X 12min / Season 4 – 26eps X 12min /

Season 5 – 26 eps X 12min

Genre : Animation

A steady, bestselling family sitcom for all generations since 1988!

<Hello Jadoo> is about a 9-year-old girl named Jadoo who is totally a tomboy-like girl, and there are 5 members in Jadoo’s family: Jadoo herself, Jadoo’s mom and dad, and her two younger siblings.

<Hello Jadoo> is a comedy and it is based on family sitcom, which is all generations and all age groups can sympathize with, not only for children but also for any adults.

Contact Information:

Heewon Lim




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