MediaHub presents “Alaca” drama series


MediaHub’s new Turkish drama series “Alaca” will be available for broadcasting in Russia and CIS on the World Content Market – Moscow.

The plot revolves around a young, innocent girl, oblivious to the secrets lying in her family’s past and a handsome, honest and decent doctor who has to pay the toll for his long passed parents by witnessing the sins of others. Born out of wedlock, Alaca grows up in a poor household, unaware of her origin story. But all that changes when her wealthy and reputable biological father’s daughter needs a transplant. The day her kidney is stolen marks the beginnings of her journey of vengeance where she can’t even trust the love of her life to tell her the truth. Will a bloody scalpel and the face she won’t forget be enough to unearth the conspiracy that surrounds her?

“Alaca” trailer

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