Chia stories


2D CutOut

Genre: Edutainment

52 episodes x 8 minutes

“Chia” is a young boy who is learning and getting to know his surroundings. For him, the simplest events and issues of life are new.

  Chia lives with her parents. He has a cloth doll named “blue lion” that comes to life in his presence and is lifeless at other times. Chia’s other friend is a small bee named “bee” who lives in the garden of Chia’s house. The bee has friends such as Shapark and Ladybug who accompany Chia on the way to learning and create a happy atmosphere.

In each episode of this series, a question arises in Chia’s mind that makes him eager to know and learn.

Contact: Mohammad Sarshar (CEO)


Phone: +989125225884

Shams Animation Company

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