XagrosFilm International Animation Studios


We have been crafting captivating animations for children for a quarter-century. We proudly produced two feature films and 11 animated series in our first two decades, including the first 3D animated feature film in the Middle East. In 2019, we expanded globally and are now involved in the innovative Content Archipelago project, collaborating with diverse global teams. We’re creating a treasure trove of delightful kid’s content – from features and animated series to games, audiobooks, comics, etc.

Our seasoned 3D and 2D animation production teams and a robust IT and support unit make the wildest creative visions come to life.


Phone: +987136359306
Fax: +987136359366

Customer affairs: +989173151194
Email: info@xagrosfilm.com

Iran Office: Pasargad building , Fars Science and Technology Park ,Shiraz,
Georgia Office: #2Azhghenti str., 2m/d Nutssubidze, Vake -Saburtalo district c.Tbilisi, Georgia

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