Karaneh Zendegi Kavir Institute


“Karaneh Zendegi Kavir ” Institute is a cultural and artistic institute in the field of digital content production, including animation, motion graphics and motion comics, which operates inside Iran.  We provide digital content that offers the most concepts to our audience in the shortest possible time while being of high quality.

 Our institution selects current cultural and social issues in order to produce content and has been able to win awards in national and international festivals. 

The content production team of our institution always has a strong and entrepreneurial spirit to achieve new and innovative ideas and will make the best use of the possible capacities in every field.

Currently, our group is producing an animated serial series called “Kandistan” which offers tips to its audience about topics such as marriage, family and continuity of life together. 

The condition and basis of our institution is the satisfaction of the clients with the quality of the projects.

Contact information:

Call: +989337756033

Email: rezahamidi416@gmail.com

Instagram: @karane_ads

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