Love and Hope


“Love and Hope” unfolds a tale of love, hope, and new beginnings as Zeynep ventures into the bustling metropolis, discovering her estranged father’s presence in an opulent Istanbul household. This revelation transforms her life, reigniting her spirit of hope amidst melancholy. In an unlikely union, Ege and Zeynep’s love defies all odds, yet inner circle barriers arise. This drama explores growth, generational conflicts, shattered families, and domestic strife.

Genre: Soap Opera


Episodes: 180

Duration: 53 mins

Producer: Focus Film and Content House

Languages: TBC

Available As: Finished Episodes & Format

Cast: Cemre Kurum, Gamze İğdiroğlu, Serap Önder, Burcu Almeman, Oğuzhan Karbi, Hakan Dinçkol, Eda Elif Başlamışlı, Furkan Okumuş


Tel: +90 212 000 00 00


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