Ural Movie Park


The Ural Movie Park film studio offers the production of films/TV series in the Southern Urals:

1. We will offer a huge number of unique locations:

  • mountains, forests, steppes, caves, lakes, rivers in close proximity to well-developed infrastructure (2 airports, railway network, highways)
  • more than 20 populated places: a city with more than a million of residents and diverse architecture, small and medium-sized towns, villages (including abandoned ones)
  • from real interiors to movie pavilions

2. We have a powerful administrative resource at our disposal, which will allow shooting in any “inaccessible” place!

3. You will not have to bring all the film staff!

We will offer the managerial staff, the second team consisting of directors, cameramen, art and costume departments.

We will provide accommodation for directors, producers and actors in 4-5 star hotels on favorable partnership terms.

4. Nothing will have to be transported from the capitals, as we have our own material and technical base:

  • Movie lighting with a lighting base (plus a team of lighting technicians)
  • Movie production transport: generators (45-160 kW), Makeup trucks, Wardrobe trucks, Prop trucks, acting kits (from Luxury to more affordable options)
  • Costume database (more than 1000 models), props (more than 1000 items), decorations

5. Our team is interested in co-production!

We are looking for CO-PRODUCTION partners.

We have written:

  • A comedy about the adventures of a Chinese in Bashkiria “Pugachev’s Treasure or a Secret Strike” for wide film distribution
  • A mystical series about UFOs based on true events
  • A detective series about the Civil War
  • Children’s fiction film about time travelling “The Secrets of the Shulgan-Tash Cave”
  • Post-apocalyptic series “THE PATH” (10 episodes) for online platforms
  • Two scripts of the feature films about the heroes of the Great Patriotic War

With our help, you can really save money without losing quality!

Welcome to the Ural Movie Park!






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