GPC Production – 15 years on the media market!


During this time, our team of experienced professionals has produced more than 3,000 titles of quality content for television. We use the best technologies, follow the trends in the field of creating audiovisual content, and constantly work to improve the dramaturgy and experience. Therefore, the created content always brings good ratings to the channels. Our formula for success is quality, volume and timing.

We are not limited to only production, we also distribute both – our own content and from leading film studios, TV channels and independent creators. The distribution geography includes more than 25 countries around the world and is constantly expanding.

We are open to new ways of cooperation in the field of production (screenwriters, directors, cameramen, co-production). We are constantly in the process of creating a unique product. Our specialization is military documentaries, wildlife films, biographies of outstanding cultural figures, comedy programs…

We will be happy to answer all questions by email or by phone +7 (916) 070 75 01 (available in all messengers)

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Our latest works are shown below

The biggest battle in human history

Red deer. Sex-symbol of the old forest

European bison. Knight of the old forest

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