Princess Doremi S3


Genre: 3D, Musical, Comedy

Princess Doremi is produced by iQIYI, KAKU TV and FZ Entertainment. This show targets audiences from 4 to 9 years old and tells a beautiful story of friendship and happiness. Princess Doremi comes to the Wonderland and she finds other six princesses already living there. Seven princesses live happily in harmony with other fairies, animals together. Occasionally, they run into trouble, but they always find a solution through the power of music.

This is a musical series centers around the adventure and friendship of Doremi and other six princesses. With magic power of music, they attend the parties and take adventures. Various parties with music and dance inspiring the girls to the Wonderland. Based on SEL, this series provides original songs for girl’s social interactions and self-awareness development. Princess Doremi S3 is expected to be released on iQIYI in the summer of 2023.

Contact information:

Kaylee Leung
Mobile: +86 17687647008
Tel: +86 7716776989

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