GMA Network, The Primary Source of Filipino Content Worldwide


GMA Network, Inc., the Philippines’ leading and largest media company is the primary source of Filipino content around the world.  Through its Worldwide division, GMA content is distributed to over forty countries on five continents. 

GMA programs entertain and inspire viewers worldwide.  The heartwarming love stories offer viewers a rich array of emotional experiences.  These programs have global appeal that cut across the culture and race. It has universal themes of love, family, betrayal and revenge that are relatable.

 GMA Worldwide has licensed over 100 titles around the globe and continues to reach more and more viewers around the world via program syndication.

With the network producing over 26 new dramas a year, GMA Worldwide’s clients and partners can expect a constant stream of well-crafted programs featuring the Philippines’ brightest stars.

For WCM Moscow Online, GMA Network is featuring its latest programs, The Write One and Maria Clara and Ibarra.

The Write One is a romantic drama series that follows the story of Liam, an unsuccessful writer in a failing marriage. One night, he stumbles upon an antique typewriter. He finds himself using it and magically starts to write a revised story of his life. The Write One is the first collaboration between GMA and Viu Philippines. It is exclusively available on Viu in the Philippines 48 hours before the free TV broadcast on GMA Network.

Maria Clara and Ibarra,” is one of the most-watched primetime series in the Philippines. It follows the story of a young student who finds herself in the world of Jose Rizal’s novel, Noli Me Tangere, where she meets the lovers Maria Clara and Ibarra. She desperately tries to return to the present, but she can only do so after she finishes the story and learns her lesson.

GMA remains committed to providing premium Filipino content to its international buyers. Both the local and  international  audiences can look forward to quality production.


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