75 glorious years for Rajshri Entertainment


Rajshri Entertainment, one of India’s leading digital entertainment studio, will exhibit on the World Content Market – Moscow 2023. The company is offering content across various genres and languages including food, kids, yoga and lifestyle shows as well as a large catalogue of popular Bollywood movies.

Rajshri already did business in Moscow in 2022 and it’s coming again to meet different kinds of clients and partners.

Rajshri completed 75 glorious years of making movies that have entertained generations & created content that has reached boundaries.
The company’s expertise is in varied content ranging from Bollywood Movies to Kid’s Education Videos, also spanning across to Food Recipes as well as Wellness Shows.

Witness cinema with all its heart with our 200+ Bollywood movies.

Get ready to have a binge marathon with 500+ hours of TV shows.

Explore 400+ episodes of the award-winning show Dr Binocs, where education meets fun for all the happy children of the world.

Experience a food paradise with 4000+ recipe videos.

Transform your mind, body & soul for a healthy living through 250+ wellness content.

Rajshri Entertainment invites you to have conversations over coffee about various opportunities and collaborations on the Meeting Table M6.

Click here to see Rajshri Entertainment content showcase.

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