SMG Pictures and Wings Media Co.,Ltd.(SP8WM)is a subsidiary of Shanghai Oriental Pearl Media Co.,Ltd.and serves as the sole entity responsible for the investment,production,and operations of copyrighted content in the film and television industry under Shanghai Media Group (SMG).

With a commitment to surveying reality,upholding values,safeguarding cultural heritage,crafting masterpieces,and embracing a global perspective,SP&WM has developed a comprehensive range of operations in the film and television sector.This includes strategic planning,investment,production,advertising,and distribution,connected itself to top-tier global resources such as Disney in the United States,Sony Pictures,and Fuji TV in Japan,and produced Chinese-language films and television programs and multimedia products that are both relevant to contemporary audiences and of outstanding quality.Meanwhile,it has gained extensive experience in business operation,robust commercial resources,and a global business network through agency service of copyrighted content on omni-channel media,copyright management,exhibition promotion,incubation of multimedia content with intellectual property,and diverse collaborations.

Contact: Cong Li,

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