Mongolsat introduces new OTT platform


Established in 2017, Mongolsat LLC has been a pioneer in providing cutting-edge satellite services throughout Mongolia. One of its flagship offerings is the TELSTAR 18 VANTAGE satellite, renowned for its high-power (56dBW) uniform signal and multi-channel transmission capabilities.

Our mission at Mongolsat LLC is to become the premier national multi-channel broadcaster in Mongolia, delivering not just information, but also knowledge, laughter, and happiness to every corner of the country and into the homes of every family. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to ensuring seamless signal reception in any territory of Mongolia, even in adverse weather conditions, using just a 60 cm dish antenna. Furthermore, our services extend beyond Mongolia’s borders, reaching audiences in China, South Korea, and Russia.

In addition to our satellite broadcasting services, we are proud to introduce MOTV, our very own Over-The-Top (OTT) platform. MOTV is designed not just to deliver entertainment, but to safeguard the integrity of the content we provide. With advanced security measures in place, any attempt to capture screenshots or record content will result in the entire screen turning black, ensuring that our content remains protected. What’s more, MOTV is accessible to everyone worldwide, allowing viewers from all corners of the globe to enjoy our diverse range of programming.

Furthermore, recognizing the importance of connectivity in today’s digital age, we also offer Internet services under the brand name Isatcom. With Isatcom, customers can enjoy reliable and high-speed internet access, empowering individuals and businesses alike to stay connected and thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

Additionally, our company takes pride in presenting the Hungarian-English-Australian-Mongolian co-production film “1242 Gateway to the West”. This captivating film will be released worldwide on the same day in September 2024. “1242 Gateway to the West” delves into the invasion of Europe led by Genghis Khan’s grandson, Bat Khan, who was chosen as the commander-in-chief of the western border of the Mongol Empire. For more information about this intriguing film, visit

At Mongolsat LLC, we are not just providers of satellite and internet services; we are enablers of connection, information, and entertainment, dedicated to enriching lives and shaping the future of communication in Mongolia and beyond.




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