Mind Blowing Breakthroughs Show


Format : 104Eps × 12Min

Genre : Science, Education, Adventure, Music, Math

Season1 [Mind Blowing Breakthroughs : Science Show] 52Ep. x 12minutes

The show is set to be a mixture between illusionism and scientific demonstration, which everything is possible. Every night, it will portray a very special and unique discovery that will challenge the minds of the audience forever with a ghost of greatest scientist of the history.

Baron Munchhausen and his assistant, Betty meet more scientists, adventurers, pioneers oriented from other various fields.

Season2 [Mind Blowing Breakthroughs : Music Show] 26Ep. x 12minutes

Baron Munchhausen buys the staplers at a bargain price and prepares a super-class orchestra music show. Genie from the lamp of the junk instrument, removes the music and begins to eliminate the music of the world, which is a member of the anti-social organization. Munchhausen and his crews chase after Leipzig to reclaim the music of the world through the hints left by Leipzig.

Season3 [Mind Blowing Breakthroughs : Art Show] 26Ep. x 12minutes

EBaron Munchhausen and Betty host an extraordinary exhibition show which portrays those flashes of genius that changed the course of human history. Every night, a special guest will help them unravel the innovative techniques of the greatest mater-pieces of the history of art. Along the adventure, the audience will literally have their brains blown away!

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