League of Universities : The Athlete Boys


Genre : Survival, Physical, Game Show

Duration : 90 min x 10 eps

 A clash of students with great physiques representing each university!

Youth, passion, spirit, and freshness that have never been seen in conventional physical survival programs! Physical survival competition among university student teams!

Students with top physiques go head-to-head to claim the honor of their university.

Contact : Hae-Yong, JEONG / pronet21@mbc.co.kr / + 82 2 789 3713

MBC Contents: http://content.mbc.co.kr
MBC Drama : http://ebook.ebooknara.com/2023/0618/01/
MBC Entertainment : http://ebook.ebooknara.com/2023/0618/02/
MBC Format : https://ebooknara.com/ebook/20221014/011

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