Afra (Afra)


Director:Behrang Toufighi

TV series, Drama, social, Environment, 38X45, Full HD, 2023

Massoud (Rouzbeh Hessari) is a conservation officer who seems unhappy in his married life with his wife Mahtab Foruzesh (Mina Vahid). Having married his cousin at the insistence of his father, Haj Mahmoud (Mehdi Soltani), he is always in conflict with her and therefore has decided to get a divorce. In a situation where Massoud and Mahtab [who is a doctor] seem to be able to reach an understanding in the struggle with life’s problems, something happens that affects their lives more than before. Massoud shoots illegal hunters while performing his duties in the heart of the forest, as a result of which he injures one of the hunters. The wounded hunter and Massoud are both transferred to the hospital where Mahtab works. The poacher needs surgery and Mahtab is one of the surgeons present in the operating room. This event causes a train of big problems for the Forouzeh family.

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