Forum “Cooperation: Russia and Friendly Countries 2024”


Nowadays, Russia is focused on cooperation with friendly countries of Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Africa.  It has never been so important to build partnerships with Russian leaders in television and film industry and the World Content Market – Moscow serves as a key bridge for deal-making between international and Russian companies.

World Content Market – Moscow will be held from 28th to 30th May 2024. It will welcome 1500+ delegates representing television and film companies from Russia and friendly countries. The Forum “Cooperation: Russia – Friendly Countries” will run parallel to the World Content Market – Moscow in the comfortable event hall “InfoSpace” in the very heart of Moscow.

Television and film companies from following countries are invited to join the Forum: Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Nigeria, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Africa, Syria, Thailand, Tunisia, Türkiye, UAE, Vietnam.

Russia will do everything possible to foster interaction between Russian and friendly countries and the Forum will become a unique platform for building a constructive dialogue, searching for solutions, consolidating efforts and fostering exchange of experience among participants.

The program of the Forum will consist of inspiring conferences, presentations and panel discussions spotlighting long term cooperation plans between Russia and friendly countries in television and film industry.

Following important questions will be discussed: selling and buying content for all platforms (films, series, formats, animation, documentaries, entertainment, etc…), production and coproduction opportunities, international locations for filming, productions and postproduction services, investment projects, government support perspectives.

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