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Genre: Drama

Length*Episode: 45min*38ep

With the rising of e-commerce, the Chinese retail industry collapsed rapidly.
AnShen Group faced a business crisis after its founder Wang Jianming passed away. Wang Juan and his aunt Wang Yanan were ordered to return to their homeland to leading AnShen to overcome this hard time. A normal girl Su Mo has been accidentally involved in the struggle in AnShen and inadvertently offended Wang Juan. The two caused a series of misunderstandings. Thus, when Su Mo works under Wang Juan’s leadership, she is treated extremely strictly. Fortunately, SuMo has withstood those tests with her hardworking, so that she grows quickly under Wang Juan’s “guidance”.  She finally won Wang Juan’s trust and solved the misunderstanding. At that moment, Wang Juan realized that he is already attracted to this girl. However, the pride of Wang Juan and the situation of Su Mo make them drifted away from each other. Will this couple can get through all the barriers, opened a new chapter of life in this flashy world.

Contact information:

SMG Pictures,WingsMedia,SMG,OPG
Cong Li
Phone: +86 13918630609

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